Resources: Grade 7 Outcomes

Specific Curriculum Outcomes are listed below for Grade 7 Art, Core French, English Language Arts, Health, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Science, Social Studies. and Technology Education.

Grade 7 Art

Specific Curriculum Outcomes

Students will be expected to explore, challenge, develop, and express ideas, using the skills, language, techniques, and processes of the arts.

  • Explore the elements of design in creating and responding to artwork.
  • Explore the principles of design in creating and responding to artwork.
  • Experiment with a variety of media and techniques to make meaning in artwork.
  • Choose appropriate art media and techniques in creating art.
  • Develop and present artwork that investigates themes.
  • Demonstrate critical analysis throughout the creative process.

Students will be expected to create and/or present, collaboratively and independently, expressive products in the arts for a range of audiences and purposes.

  • Create original artwork expressing personal experiences.
  • Select artwork from the process portfolio and organize displays for a range of purposes.
  • Critique artwork of other students, respecting individual approaches and opinions of art.
  • Collaborate to create and present artwork for a range of audiences.

Students will be expected to demonstrate critical awareness of and the value for the role of the arts in creating and reflecting culture.

  • Investigate the role of visual communication.
  • Critique artwork that reflects societal values.
  • Create artwork that explores societal values.
  • Participate in visual arts in school and community.

Students will be expected to respect the contributions of individuals and cultural groups in local and global contexts, and value the arts as a record of human experiences and expression.

  • Observe how art reflects the diversity of human experiences and artistic expressions.
  • Demonstrate how interpretations of art are affected by individual experiences and influences.
  • Create artwork reflecting influences from historical and contemporary artists and cultures.

Students will be expected to examine the relationship among the arts, societies, and environments.

  • Create artwork that incorporates other artistic disciplines.
  • Understand the process of securing copyright.
  • Examine how art relates to daily life

Students will be expected to apply critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to reflect on and respond to their own and others’ expressive work.

  • Critique artwork by professional artists.
  • Describe how professional artists have used the elements and principles of design.
  • Revise initial ideas during the creative process.
  • Explore how meaning is embedded in artwork.

Students will be expected to understand the role of technologies in creating and responding to expressive works.

  • Practice safety associated with proper care of art materials and tools.
  • Use problem-solving techniques when creating artwork.
  • Recognize the influence of technology on viewing and creating artwork.

Students will be expected to analyze the relationship between artistic intent and the expressive work.

  • Research why artists have created particular pieces of art.
  • Present the intentions of their own artwork.
  • Discover how research or viewer feedback can alter perception of an artwork.